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Title:Southern California Equine & Canine Chiropractic
Category:Pets Animals: Pet Care
Description:In animal chiropractic care by adjusting the joints and spine, it releases pressure and obstacles to proper energy flow and movement – providing relief of pain, stress and fatigue. Dr. Block, who has an uncanny touch sensory perception that allows the animal to senses his intention of wanting to help and releases inhibitions that allow discovery of where the root cause of the pain, stress or pressure may exist. Dr. Block treats his patients in a non-invasive and lovingly manner (with cold laser being the only gentle invasive modality used in extreme cases) to ease the pain, correct gait, release fatigue and provide normalcy.
Meta Keywords:Pain, Animal, Chiropractic, Alternative Therapy, Cold Laser, Electro Acupressure, Lameness, Adjustment
Meta Description:Dr. Block, an animal chiropractor, works to ensure your pet receives medical attention when needed and holistic attention when possible.
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