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Title:10 Essential Items for New Preppers
Description:During peaceful times you have to keep your BOV properly registered and tagged at all times however when the SHTF this requirement may not actually hold much water. However until that time actually arrives you must now register and tag your bug out vehicle - this is a simple fact of life. Often the subject of vehicle registration comes up when preppers and survivalists gather together for a meeting of minds. Some people quickly begin to ask which states are better and friendlier for registering their carefully built BOV. Myself I prefer my home state of Delaware over some of the other locations around the nation. Some traveling RV residents might decide otherwise. In the end it is really a matter of what you are looking for and the degree of bugging out you may be planning for. https://wedoreviewforyou.com/the-lost-book-of-remedies-system-review/
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